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Write Protect Removable USB Drives From Your PC By Registry Tweak!

Now, there are many USB drives having a facility to Write Protect. Here I will show you how to protect writing on Removable Drives from your PC

  • First, open Run dialoge box from Start > Run… then type regedit
  • Press OK
  • Navigate to the following path:


  • If there is no folder with name StorageDevicePolicies, you can create by Right Clicking and selecting New > Key on Control folder. If it exists, then skip the next two steps
  • In the right pane Right Click and select New > DWORD Value

  • Now name it WriteProtect
  • >> Open WriteProtect key and in the field set the value to 1

  • Now, Restart your PC and the WirteProtect is activated!
  • If you want to remove WriteProtect, just set the DWORD value to 0
  • You’re Done…!

If you can’t do this at your own risk, you can download the following ZIP file and Activate the Registry Keys in it (4kB)

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